Well, here we are! Is it just me, or have our entire lives been building up to this moment? 

Never mind, we’ll save the details for later. I’m Audrey Winter, and I’ll be writing about the things that interest me at present here on Baroque Bohemian. My interests include food, clothes, shelter, pets and books. So all the basics. Because I’m a simple lass.

Currently, my main focus is on a personal transformation that I’m making in preparation for a move across a rather large pond called the Atlantic Ocean. I want to arrive as the best version of myself so I can attract the people who will improve my life, and the events which will inspire it. Not too much to ask, really.

Moving from the UK to the US has been a difficult decision, but my husband and I have decided that it is for the best at this point. If Scotland breaks away and joins the EU, we’ll reevaluate. Until then, we’re headed west. Because, as my father-in-law recently observed, Scots leave Scotland to tell everyone how wonderful Scotland is. Even though I’m not even properly Scottish.

At any rate, I’m here to document through my writing. Thank you for joining me! 

Air kisses, etc.